June 27, 2019
It all starts with a Google search

As Gary Vaynerchuk once put it "if your business doesn't have an online presence, your business doesn't exist".
Now, a lot of traditional business men would argue with this statement, however, the youth and millennial would agree.

Let us explain why.

Say you're a traditional business owner. You own a restaurant and have local customers know who you are and what you offer. During regular season, business is going fine. You have regular customers and you manage to make a profit. You think to yourself that since you've been doing this for years and managed to make a profit, that an online presence, say through a website, is not needed.

Then summer comes around.

Your regular customers leave for a summer vacation and new, foreign cruise ships enter your city's harbors.

It's early June and you know from experience that this has been the norm the past years, and usually these months are tough on the economics side of the business.

From experience, you also know that the tourists coming in to the city, rarely find their way to your restaurant.

As you're a traditional restaurant owner, you've relied on Word-of-mouth marketing and returning customers, but this strategy doesn't seem to work when there's new faces in town, and you can't seem to understand why the majority of tourists just simply skip your restaurant in favor of someone else's.

If we boil it down to its core, it's because the tourists lack trust in you and/or have found someone else online, for example through google, who they believe can do a better job at serving them food. It might all be a perception and far from the truth, but that's the information they are given and have to work with.

“One of the main objectives of your website should always be to build trust and authority”

So let's get down to 5 reasons to why your business needs a website.

We'll use a restaurant business as our example, but the context is applicable to all industries.

1. You'll actually exist again

As with everything, it all starts with a Google search. If your web developers have done a good job - as we do with our clients here at Nordic Web - your business should appear within the first page of a Google search targeted in or around your niche/placement/area. A good website should not only be pretty, it should also be visible and functional. Remember that 35% of product/service searches start off with a Google search. Without you existing on a search engine, preferably with your own website, you might be losing out on 35% of customers. Let's play a little game and see which rooftop bar you would attend in Vienna: 

Which rooftop bar in Vienna would you go to judging from their respective websites?

After running an online query asking the same questions based on the same pictures to numerous people, 9 out of 10 said they would opt for rooftop bar number 2.

That's the power of design.

2. You give your clients and customers a small taste

Do you know why big brands and companies give out free samples of their new releases? The simple answer is: because it works. We've all been there, thinking "oh, free food!", but as Warren Buffet would put it "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch". By providing them with a small taste, they'll end up wanting more. Now, as stated before, one of the main things a website should provide the customers is trust and authority. A website that has little to no information, bad responsiveness across all devices and poor user interface leaves me wondering if this is a serious restaurant or not. I'd rather go to a restaurant that shows me what they offer and what makes them different from other restaurants in the area. I'll bet a better taste at what I can expect, and thereby establish better trust and authority.

3. Make it easier for your customers and clients

This might be a shocker for some, but YOUR website is not for YOU, it's for YOUR clients. Just like in a restaurant, you don't make the food for yourself to indulge - you make it for your customers. Here's a bonus tip: If you're a business owner and are looking for someone to make you a website, make sure you let the designers to their job and try to not interfere too much. As said, a website's value should not be to please you - the business owner - it should make it easier for your customers and clients to perform the tasks they expect of a given website.

Make it easy for your customers to perform the tasks they expect of the website.

4. Earn money while you sleep

The famous Warren Buffet has a beautiful quote. It goes as: “If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” A website - hosted on good servers - is constantly up and running.

5. The web is here to stay

Google searches are going up on average by 10& annually. This means not only that the web has come to stay - it's growing at a faster and faster pace each and every year. For business owners, getting a good website is a necessity. The question asked should not be "If we are going to get a website?", it should be "When are we getting a website?". Remember that each and every day your business is without a functioning website, you're tossing opportunities and money away.

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June 27, 2019




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