June 27, 2019

Choosing a strategy

It all really started when I, Kenan Buhic, and my colleague, Sergej Panfilov, decided to change the direction Nordic Web was headed.

The past few years have been good years. We've seen a yearly growth not just in terms of revenue, but also friendships, business relations and things of that nature.

However, continuing on this path would be sub-optimal in terms of reaching our goals of - as Grant Cardone would say it - 10Xing our business.

“By aiming to 10X whatever is of importance for you, you'll end up asking different questions.”

You see, by thinking bigger and setting bigger goals, you automatically ask different questions which require different answers in order to take you to the desired destination.
Those $10,000 dollars you were chasing simply lose their significance if you're striving to reach to $100,000. You might not end up at $100.000, but still if you end up at half of that, you've still earned five times more than if $10,000 was your target.

This was our thought process when we made the decision to rebrand Nordic Web.

Growth is often measured in revenue. However, that shouldn't be the only metric.

There is a reason why Samsung is spending over $11 200 000 000 (yes, that's billion with a B, Richard) on advertising per year, with an annual increase.

There is also a reason why big brands, such as The Futur with Chris Do, or Gary Vaynerchuk and Grant Cardone are producing free content for us to indulge. They aim to provide value and establish relationships.
Short term, I believe that all of the names above would have had better financial results at the end of the year, if they didn't spend much time on producing free content. Keep in mind, I said short term.

However, short term results are often just that: Short.

Instead, they opt to play the long game. They spend their time providing value instead of pushing products up your face. What they gain by doing this is simply.

1. A following
2. Credibility and trust
3. Your money down the line

You wouldn't buy a service or a product by someone you don't trust or have never heard of.

Let's use a real life example.

When you've just arrived a new city or country, how often do you turn to your phone to read reviews about restaurants, hotels or bars?

Well, you're not alone. 87% of the population are just like you.

Now, there might be a hundred different - and maybe even better - options, but since they weren't that popular because of their lack of presence on the internet, you decided to stick to the top 10 reviewed restaurants, hotels and bars, because you've established some kind of trust to them.

So has Nordic Web decided to change its content to English?

You've probably gotten it by now, but just to summarize it.

Nordic Web has changed its strategy to better optain the initial goal of becoming known throughout Scandinavia.

By providing good content in terms of blogs and videos in English, we aim to reach and help more people. After all, the top language used on the internet today is English, with about 25.3% of the total internet users.
Second place? Chinese.

So sit back, relax and prepare yourselves for good content coming your way from us at Nordic Web! 

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June 27, 2019


Business & Strategy


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