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We love cars. But not nearly as much as BILCONCEPT AS. They really love cars. Like, a lot. How we met is kind of a funny story. He had been working with a big and known design firm in Stavanger before he met us. Despite paying a lot and them taking a lot of valuable time from him, he almost felt scammed. Not trying to discredit someone else's work, but the work the design firm did for him was bad at best. Needless to say, he picked us for his next project and was positively surprised.

BILCONCEPT AS wants to sell a lot of cars, so they needed to..

— Increase the integrated marketing so that the customers can guess the price range of cars from looking at their branding.

— Integrate Finn.no (Norwegian marketplace) on their website through API.

— Make their sales-garage easy to locate

Working with an experienced business owner was refreshing. He knew what he wanted, but was open enough to listen to suggestions. Ultimately we agreed relatively quickly on all of the aspects that needed to come together to make
an awesome experience for his customers.

This is what Nordic Web did

1. Have a black/white/yellow theme throughout the website

2. Integrate APIs to allow for Finn.no browsing on a website

3. Pack a lot of relevant information in a slick packaging

4. Fixed the Google Map address etc. for easy navigation

The result was a website that managed to portray the message the owner wanted to portray: That they have another twist on how to sell cars.


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