Creating a landing page with clear and targeted messaging was a crucial step in increasing conversions.





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EL SOLUTION AS is being owned and run by someone who knows how to get sh!t done. In a matter of years, the business went from being 0 to literally digging holes in big mountains - effectively! 
Norway knew they needed to partner up with EL SOLUTION AS on various infrastructure projects, but the problem was that their branding made them look too "unprofessional" for bigger projects.
They needed a change, so they contacted Nordic Web.

EL SOLUTION needed a solution to: 

— Deliver a clear message to big corporations that they are capable of delivering despite being a new company

— Redesign their own website completely

— Make the page more interactive and easier to use

— A strategy for growth

Even though EL SOLUTIONS AS is a relatively young company, they had a lot of important projects that were about to launch when we first got in contact. This meant that Nordic Web needed to deliver good quality, fast.

So the work began

We knew that we had limited time to work with, so we started sketching up a framework on Adobe XD. Luckily we nailed it on our first try, so we could start spending our time on what matters - creating a stunning website - immediately.

What our work resulted in

1. The company owner recieved a lot of compliments on the new website (seriously).

2. Made it easier for potential business partners to figure out pricesly what EL SOLUTION AS can provide.

3. Fast loading times.

4. Responsiveness across all platforms contrary to the site before.

5. A CMS system that allows the business owner to easily add/edit/delete content.

6. Helped structure the text and content.

7. Launched on time, just when the company got a big spike in publicity.🙂

We wish EL SOLUTION AS, with Maid Maksumic at the wheel, the best of luck with this and other exciting project he has going for him! 


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