Kenan Buhic's CV that shows off accomplishments as well as formulating a path for the near and distant future.





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Now that my Bachelor's degree is coming to an end, I'm looking for ways to impress potential universities as to why they should reserve a Master's seat for me in their classrooms. I figured that they ought to be bored of skimming through an endless amount of A4 papers looking for their favorite candidates. That's why I decided to make the whole experience just a little more enjoyable (and hopefully rememberable) for them. Thank me by accepting me if I am to apply to your university, thank you.

I wanted to leave a rememberable impression, so I..

— Split the website up in two parts. One where all my standard CV "achievements" are, and the other represents my path.

— Used interactions to make it more interesting for the readers of my CV.

— Give an honest impression of me.

Since I was my own client in this project, I had the complete freedom to do what I wanted - the way I wanted. This is something that usually is not the case when working with clients, so it felt rather refreshing to be able to sit down and just design without having anyone to judge it.

Through complete freedom, I managed to..

1. Teach myself new techniques of design that I implemented on the web page.

2. Getting to know myself better by having to sit down and reflect on what I want to do with my near and distant future. (subject to change)

3. Make it easier for people to find and read about me.

4. Have a medium to post to besides the big 4.

I have yet to harvest the fruits of my labor for this website. However, I believe it will not be in vain and that the people reading my CV will have a more enjoyable experience than just skimming through an A4 paper.


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