Revolutionizing the health industry with the Norwegian Health Spray.





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Norwegian Health Spray is a product unlike anything else, and we at Nordic Web believe that this company will have a big break through once the final products hit the shelves.

Norwegian Health Spray AS is another start up that we have decided to help, because we believe in the products which they will be making.

NHS took us through a journey, so that we could better understand where they're coming from. For example, did you know that 1/4 have problem with swallowing medications? 
Be it from a psychological standpoint or from a physical standpoint, a lot of people have problems with swallowing prescribed pills, pain killers and so on. This problem is the one Norwegian Health Spray AS wants to solve.

As a Start Up trying to penetrate the health industry, establishing thrust and authority with clients is an essential part.

We know from studies how big of a difference pure placebo can make in the pharmaceutical/health industry. This means that it is absolutely detrimental for a business entering the health industry to make a good first impression with its clients and customers.

Norwegian Health Spray came to us without having done much upfront. They had a semi-working logo, and semi-working prototypes for their products.

Nordic Web decided to help them out in different ways.

This is what Nordic Web did:

1. Redefined the logo, making a smaller, fitting version, and a big version.

2. Hooked up the company with 3D designs and printers.

3. Created a landing page

4. Created documents and presentations

5. Cooperated with 3rd-party for text and content in the documents and presentations

NHS AS is still a company undergoing a lot of growth, thus there will also be a lot of change needed in order to fulfill future demand and expectations.

We're looking forward to joining in on the journey and bring life to this company soon.


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