West Capital AS wanted to showcase the diversification in their investing portfolio in a minimalist and clean fashion.





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As both Kenan Buhic (me, writing this) and Sergej Panfilov are students of Economics and Business Administration, working with Investment Company was exciting.
This project is a continuous process and still ongoing, as the company is adding companies to their portfolio rapidly. In short, West Capital needed to set up a landing page to attract foreign investors, with the ability to be easily updated and maintained at later stages.

WEST CAPITAL needed help with two things: 

— Create a website to attract foreign investors

— Help set up the design of signing documents

Keep it clean, keep it professional.

Websites that are B2B heavy do not necessarily need to be all that fancy. Sure, it can help visitors remember your site better, but in our case, that wasn't the goal.

The website of WEST CAPITAL had two things in mind: 
1. Inform the visitors about what they are doing
2. Make them take action

What our work resulted in

1. A clean looking website that works flawlessly on any device.

2. Made it easy for foreign investors to get information.

3. Made it easy for visitors to take action via. the website.

4. A CMS system which makes it easy to maintain/add/edit/delete content.

As mentioned earlier, West Capital is an ongoing project, and there will be major changes to the identity of the company in the near future, so stay tuned.


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