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To use a metaphor. If your strategy is to make the visitors of your website click one specific button, you will usually be better of by giving them one button in comparison to five. Google has done some pretty self-explanatory studies, essentially stating that the chances of making one person perform one task is increased substantially, if you give the participant fewer options to choose from.
Too often there's too much information being presented, leaving the visitor confused. Pair your strategy with content driven webdesign and search engine optimization, and you'll be surprised of how well a website can perform.

What good content means for you

By pairing your strategy with adequate content, you will make the visitors read and perform the things you want them to do.(skriv om)

Good content is mandatory for good search engine optimization. Using good language can increase the hit-rate on Google searches for your business.

Shine a light on what you're really good at. Often too much information can lead to confusion for clients, making you miss out on business opportunities.

What it means for your clients

Visitors come on to a website with an intention. Make it easier for them to do the things they had the intention to do.

They will have an easier time finding you on the big web, and once they have found out, they'll get what they were looking for.

Having fast loading speeds is crucial for conversion, especially if you market towards millennials. Stop losing on business because of poor optimization.

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Content and SEO paired seamlessly with a good strategy is crucial to bring a website to life. Even though these aspects of a website often are overlooked, they are crucial. That's why we at Nordic Web pair it with all of our website projects for our clients.