+Content driven
+Reflects your business

+ Google friendly
+ Fast, modern & optimized
+ Trust building

+ Goal oriented
+ Call to action
+ Result driven

Made for you

Made for your clients

Most webdesign agencies have a wrong focus in our eyes. They want to fix the superficial problems which won't have a great impact on your business. They put you in the center of attention and want to make you happy. We at Nordic Web have a different take on that. We don't necessarily try to make you - as a client - happy, we try to make your potential clients happy. Making a nice looking website and logo that you are ecstatic about is something we take for granted.

Easily found

And easy to remember

How will clients and potential partners find and come in touch with you? Just like everything else in this world, it will probably start with a Google search. We make sure that the content we write, the design we make, and the optimization we do, is in par with the clients you want to attract.


Cash is still king

Based on the strategy we end up taking, Nordic Web will design a website according to the actions we want the visitors to take. Do you want your clients to buy a product? Cool. Do you want them to get in touch with you? Easy. Nordic Web is determined to give you the results you are looking for.

What a good website means for your business

Everyone is online, including your potential clients. By not having a website for your business, you lose the ability to interact with the people who want to interact with you. Both sides lose, and you don't want that.

Builds trust & authority

People do business with people they trust. Provide that to your clients with a good, informative website.

Cuts costs

Spend your money wisely. Instead of running radio ads (that's so 10,000 years BC), convey your message through a website.

Makes you stand out

Most websites suck are not so good. Also, most websites are not made by us. We'll make you stand out against competition.

Leads to action

If someone is interested in doing business with you, a website will be essential for them to be able to find you.

+ Much more

Starts at

NOK 14.900,-

Having a professional website can be detrimental for a business. Be kind to your clients and give them an experience on the web which they will remember. Contact Nordic Web today to see what we can do for you and your business.